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Temporary Workforce Housing, Man Camps & Catering

Cotton Logistics provides worldwide operational support and infrastructure for the shortages of temporary workforce housing, catering and other resources associated with a catastrophic event, a large construction project, and for the complex and ever-changing work environments of the oil and gas industry. Whether your operation involves an unforgiving location, timeline or climate, we can provide logistical solutions and remote man camps designed to increase the productivity of your workforce and business operations.

At Cotton Logistics, we’re committed to delivering quality services and solutions that meet every one of our customers’ unique requirements. From disaster relief catering to long-term “man camp” style housing to construction of a new maintenance facility, you can count on Cotton Logistics to deliver cost-effective solutions that will help you meet your operational goals.

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OneLodge by Cotton Logistics

At Cotton Logistics, we believe temporary housing shouldn't feel temporary.

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We provide top-rate food services and catering that will keep your workforce happy and energized.

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Emergency Response

We deliver the best possible solution that satisfies each clients' specific requirements.

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OneTeam Staffing

Cotton Logistics now provides workforce staffing and targeted recruitment services.

Workforce Housing

Similar to an all-inclusive hotel, Cotton Logistics focuses on the details and provides five-star hospitality services.

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Camp Management

We implement a seamless camp management system; so everything functions at optimum levels, allowing your workforce to focus solely on their operational responsibilities.

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Full-Service Catering

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we offer customizable options to ensure that your employees will be eager to see the menu items of the day.

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Reliable Turnaround Services for Petrochemical Plants

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Reliable Turnaround Services for Petrochemical Plants

Cotton Logistics understands the importance of plant turnarounds and operational maintenance to industrial and petrochemical facilities. While organizations focus on inspections, repairs, and limiting downtime to service a facility, Cotton assists by providing temporary facilities, culinary solutions,…