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About Us News How Winterized Housing Units Can Make A Harsh Environment Livable

How Winterized Housing Units Can Make A Harsh Environment Livable


When it comes to remote worksites, the climate they settle in isn’t always ideal. From blazing desert heat in the Texas oil fields during the summer to freezing temperatures in the Midwest winters, it can be a challenge to help your employees feel comfortable while working in these conditions. 

Cotton Logistics has years of experience creating safe and pleasant man camps in even the most rugged landscapes, and we can help you develop a custom solution for your remote worksite with our winterized housing units. 

What Is a Mobile Winterized Housing Unit? 

A winterized mobile housing unit is a trailer mounted on wheels or skids that our team can easily transport with the help of a semi-tractor truck to any type of remote environment. They are climate-controlled to ensure the residents have a comfortable place to stay, whether they’re working in the heat or the cold. 

How Your Company Can Benefit from Winterized Workforce Housing

When it comes to your employees, safety is always a top priority, and having them commute day in and day out in hazardous environments after long shifts can be dangerous. Giving them a comfortable room to come home to each day after a shift can minimize risks and keep your crew efficient and happy. As a result, this can also lower workforce turnover, saving you money and stress in the long run. 

And since these winterized units are modular and mobile, you can choose your own layout and scale your man camp up or down based on operational needs.

Additional Resources To Keep Your Employees Comfortable in Harsh Environments

If you’re looking into mobile crew camps for a worksite, you’ll want to supplement the housing units with additional resources for your team, including:

Cotton Logistics can help you customize the perfect remote site for your team with our full suite of workforce solutions. Talk to a representative today to get started.