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About Us News Prioritize Safety On Remote Worksites With Man Camp Housekeeping

Prioritize Safety On Remote Worksites With Man Camp Housekeeping


When it comes to your team, your workers’ health and safety is always the top priority. And while they have plenty of duties and responsibilities to follow that keep them out of harm’s way, there’s the potential for danger in the living quarters and communal spaces of a man camp, too. 

Fortunately, an efficient housekeeping team can mitigate these risks and help make your remote sites secure. Here are five easy tips they can use to eliminate hazards in a man camp: 

1. Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls 

Cluttered, dirty and messy floors are major slip and trip hazards, and according to OSHA, “20-30% of workplace falls result in a moderate or severe injury like deep bruising, broken bones or concussions.” Therefore, it’s essential to keep floors and walkways tidy. Here are some tips for maintaining a safe environment: 

  • Report spills immediately and follow protocol for cleaning them up. 
  • Don’t use halls and walkways for object storage.
  • Ensure drainage grates are clear and operating as usual. 
  • Monitor the condition of your flooring and report any damages. 
  • Empty trash receptacles frequently to avoid overflows. 

2. Eliminate Fire Hazards 

Just as it’s a great method for preventing falls in your man camp, keeping your spaces, stairs and walkways organized and clear of clutter can also keep your team safe in the event of a fire. Always ensure there is an adequate exit path for your crew.

3. Control & Clean Up Dust 

Not only is unmitigated dust a slipping hazard, but it can also pose a health concern as it enters the air and people breathe it in. It can trigger asthma, allergic reactions and more. Additionally, if dust is uncontrolled, it can enter the HVAC system and even attract mold growth

Ensure your housekeeping team controls dust by vacuuming, sweeping and wiping down surfaces with proper cleaners. 

4. Avoid Tracking Materials Through Your Site 

At a man camp, it can be easy for employees to track materials, dust and dirt from work sites to living areas and communal spaces. However, there are a few simple things your housekeeping team can do to minimize the opportunities for this, including: 

  • Cleaning floor mats regularly. 
  • Mopping up spills as soon as possible. 
  • Utilizing different cleaning products for different types of spills to avoid cross contamination. 

5. Determine Frequency 

When developing a plan to keep your man camp clean, you’ll want to determine how often your housekeeping team completes each of their responsibilities. For example, they’ll probably need to empty trash receptacles multiple times a day, whereas dusting and vacuuming may only need to be done daily or every few days. 

Be sure to document your cleaning schedule so your housekeeping crew can stick to their daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities with ease. 

Keep Your Camp Clean With Cotton Logistics 

Keeping a man camp clean requires a coordinated team of managers and housekeepers, and it’s not something to take lightly. That’s where Cotton Logistics comes in. When companies invest in our housekeeping services, they gain access to an experienced team that can help them control and eliminate workplace hazards. 

Learn more about our man camp housekeeping services today by contacting our team or giving us a call at 877-427-2947.