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Oilfield & Remote Site Catering Services by Cotton Culinary

content_imagesReceiving quality meals at remote job sites is often a challenge. Cotton Culinary studied best practices and conducted market research to develop a better method of providing remote catering services that focused on efficiency, without sacrificing quality. Utilizing a combination of company-owned local kitchens, food storage facilities, transport vehicles and dedicated mobile kitchen trailers for individual operating sites, Cotton Culinary has the unique capability of serving hot, freshly prepared meals to crews on-location.

Our experience in the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin shale areas allows us to provide a level of service that is second to none in the industry. With input from our client, we can customize our operation, taking into consideration factors such as budget, geographic location, working conditions, shift schedules and dietary needs of the workforce. Our executive team and culinary professionals work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your business’ specific needs and exceeds the expectations of your workforce.

“I want to compliment your company on a delicious and outstanding well site catering job. All meals were great and the chefs were very friendly.”

Safety is our top priority and the culinary staff strictly adheres to all regulations and client requirements related to health, safety and the environment at each operating site. Oil field catering staff are ServSafe certified and wear proper protective equipment at all times.

Our culinary team understands the importance of nutrition for crews working long shifts. Our oilfield and remote site catering services include a customized balanced menu of either hot or cold meals that will be developed by our culinary team prior to the start of each project and agreed to by our client. Our vast experience – ranging from well site catering services on drilling and frac locations to modular kitchens and dining facilities serving large numbers for extended periods – has prepared our culinary team with both the resources and know-how to handle any situation. With assistance from our Logistics division, our resources can be deployed rapidly, professionally and safely.

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