We’ve thought about you. Have you thought about us?
January 22 2020

We’ve thought about you. Have you thought about us?

In 2020, choose to work with a workforce housing partner that’s thought of your team in every detail of our camp. Discover our OneLodge capabilities below:

Clean, Comfortable Facilities

Comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, inground utilities, covered decks and walkways, rock fire pits, and a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities that keep your workforce happy and ready to work.

Camp Management

Our camp management makes sure the camp functions as it should on a daily basis. From maintenance, housekeeping, catering, and overall guest relations, we’re here to support your team’s goals. We also provide detailed reports of our efforts, so our clients get a clear breakdown of their ROI.


Our camps include an on-site kitchen staff that provides three meals per day and a 24-hour snack and beverage service. The staff takes pride in creating a spirit of community. By getting to know the guests on a first-name basis, they’re able to learn their personal preferences and make everyone feel at home.

One Crew. One Detail. One Community. That is the Cotton difference. Contact us for more details.

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