Warm Meals Make a Difference for Oilfield Lodging
November 25 2019

Warm Meals Make a Difference for Oilfield Lodging

One of the things that set Cotton’s OneLodge apart from other oilfield lodging facilities is our professional, daily food service. Cotton Culinary carefully plans the menus that get served to your workers and offers friendly service to go along with it.

While nothing compares to the feeling you get when your special someone cooks up your favorite meal, having a warm, homemade dinner on-site helps ease the mind and body after a long day of work. A happy, well-fed individual will then rest easier and perform at their best.

Cotton Culinary also provides cold meals for those that need a quick lunch before heading back to work and 24-hour snack service. We want to make sure your crews are properly fueled and feel as close to home as possible.

Contact us to learn how Cotton Logistics and Cotton Culinary work together to provide for your crews.



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