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About Us News Men’s Health Month: Providing Solutions for Your Workforce

Men’s Health Month: Providing Solutions for Your Workforce

Every year, Men’s Health Month sheds light on the health issues faced by men and encourages organizations to assess what they’re doing to help their male employees maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In honor of this month, we have put together some ideas on how your company can promote healthy habits in your workforce. 

Encourage healthy eating

Whether your employees are responsible for their own food or your organization provides meals, promoting healthy eating is simple to do and has a profound impact on your team.

  • Provide snacks low in sodium and sugars.
  • When going out to eat, suggest restaurants you know offer healthier options.
  • Start a healthy eating challenge to spark motivation.

Promote physical and mental wellness

Exercise is important for our overall health. It keeps our bodies strong and helps us be productive at work while staying safe. Just as important as the physical, mental health allows us to build strong relationships with our colleagues, keeps us focused, and helps us safely balance the pressures of work and life. Some ways you can help your team stay healthy, are: 

  • Promote breaks throughout the day to take a walk, play a game, chat with a colleague, or simply stretch.
  • Provide contact information for counselors or other helpful resources and remind your employees that it’s okay to talk to someone. 
  • If possible, set up a gym on-site or develop a program for your employees to join local gyms at a discounted price. There are also many online exercise programs that your teams can benefit from.
  • Organize routine hangouts to unwind, alleviate tensions, and get to know your team members outside of work.

Remind employees to complete their annual check-ups

An annual check-up could detect underlying health problems that your employees wouldn’t otherwise know about. Encourage your team to use the resources available to them and visit their physician annually for their well-being. 

Last but not least, lead by example. As a manager or supervisor, the best way to get your team to practice healthy habits is by practicing them yourself. 

Cotton Logistics specializes in providing valuable assets and resources for your workforce. From safe, mobile facilities to healthy meal options via our remote site catering, we have the resources you need to keep your workforce healthy.