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Increase Your Oilfield Profitability

The oil and gas industry has often been defined as "boom or bust" throughout its history. The industry is very cyclical in nature, where periods of immense growth are sometimes followed by stagnation. Some companies also live and die by the price of crude oil, something that is out of their control and impacted by many factors, including geopolitics. Because of this inherent quality in the industry, profits can be unpredictable, making it extremely hard to forecast earnings and company health.

The best way to ensure your oilfield operations remain profitable in a volatile market is to cut costs. Not cutting costs in the traditional sense of getting smaller, but by getting leaner. A lean operation will not only be more profitable in a strong market, but will be viable when the market swings the other way. One way to be more lean and versatile is to lower costs associated with your workforce. Lodging, transportation, and food services are a big cost for many companies, and studying these can help your organization’s liquidity.

Cotton Logistics’ OneLodge offers budget friendly solutions that give your company a competitive edge in the workforce. Our lodging facilities are strategically placed in the most active shale plays in the United States and have state-of-the-art amenities with top notch service. On average, OneLodge is 1/3 the cost of hotels in these areas, and is typically much closer to job sites, lowering your transportation costs. In addition to being more affordable, our oilfield lodges offer amenities at no additional charge including recreational centers, fitness facilities and WiFi. We can also customize a private OneLodge camp to house your entire workforce, alleviating the stress of  continuously searching among overbooked hotels.

Another OneLodge advantage that you will not find at a local hotel is our in-house food and beverage division, Cotton Culinary. Our kitchen staff operate around-the-clock providing a 5-week rotating menu complete with three meals per day and a 24-hour snack and beverage service. They provide top-rate food services and catering that will keep your employees, customers or guests happy and energized.

If you want to help the bottom line of your company, while also giving your workforce proper nutrition and rest to perform at their peak level, Cotton Logistics is more than capable of providing for your needs. Through our experience and market intelligence we are able to anticipate increases in activity and can tailor our offerings to the diverse needs of our clients. Don't let the ups and downs of the market dictate your business' performance, grab the bull by the horns and contact Cotton Logistics today!