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Why Your Project Needs Remote Site Catering Solutions

Planning for a complex construction or industrial project can be an incredibly daunting logistical task, even before operations begin. These difficulties are compounded when your project is located in a remote location, far away from the helpful resources of our major cities. 

That’s why you need the help of a trusted remote site catering provider to maintain the highest standards on your remote site and keep your crews healthy, happy, and focused on the job at hand. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more or read on below to discover the many benefits of turnkey remote site catering solutions.

Cheaper alternative

Contrary to what you might expect, remote site catering services can be far cheaper than the alternative. Rather than losing your team to unexpected interruptions or delays at local establishments, you can ensure they are close by when work resumes. Additionally, the pricing available when buying in bulk or wholesale is also far more affordable than the expenses paid individually by your crew. Saving your crew money has the advantage of making their wages more valuable and improves their overall quality of life when on the job. 

Available anywhere, anytime

Regardless of where you are in the world or when your project takes place, you can trust that remote site caterers like Cotton Logistics have you covered. Our network of suppliers and fleet of delivery & production vehicles guarantee that there is nowhere we can’t support your team with high-quality catering solutions. This means projects no longer have to slow due to time spent securing life’s necessities.

Boost productivity & morale

Not only is remote site catering convenient and easy, but it also promotes a positive team environment which fosters camaraderie and communication amongst team members. When your crews are able to spend leisure time together, their bonds are improved and their mood is elevated. In jobs that require a lot of physical activity, this can make all the difference in improving morale and productivity. 

Keeps crews safe and healthy

Rather than sending your team members off to limited food service options that may not be ideal for their health, remote site catering solutions allow you to provide the appropriate dietary options to satisfy their daily nutritional needs. Securing a culinary partner you can trust also guarantees that all appropriate health and safety standards are met when preparing meals, which is particularly essential in especially remote locations.

When you start breaking ground on your next remote site project, save your organization time and money by securing comprehensive remote site catering services for all of your team’s dietary needs. It’s safe, easy, and a surefire way to keep crews happy and working hard. Cotton Logistics, and its partners at Cotton Culinary, understand the importance of nutrition for crews working long shifts far away from the comforts of home. 

That’s why we offer customized, balanced menus, high-volume meal service, and complete turnkey production solutions so that you can rest assured knowing your remote crews are completely taken care of when they’re in the field. Give us a call at 877-427-2947 for a consultation or visit our website to learn more today about our comprehensive remote site catering solutions.