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About Us News Gain Control of Worksites with Mobile Command Trailers



Whether coordinating restoration efforts after a natural disaster or overseeing pre-planned renovations, it can be difficult to maintain organization amid a dynamic worksite. An identifiable, centralized meeting space could provide focus to your job site and help you regain control. When you need quick support solutions, trust temporary mobile command trailers from Cotton Logistics. These trailers cut through the noise of a busy worksite to provide you with the clarity and precision you need to manage any job efficiently. 


A mobile command trailer, also known as a mobile command unit or mobile command center, functions as a central office space at a temporary worksite or emergency site. The trailers are wheel-mounted, towable units that can be transported directly to your location. The unit can become a distinct hub where leaders, property owners, contractors and other parties can convene, even while away from traditional office space.

The 20- to 53-foot trailers include varied equipment in their different layouts. Some units contain technology like computer-equipped workstations, TVs, Wi-Fi, copiers and communication systems. Other features include kitchenettes, food storage, laboratories, onboard water tanks, onboard generators, bathrooms and full conference rooms. Cotton Logistics can help you select a unit that fits your specific needs.


The mobile command trailer can provide you with one of the biggest strengths needed in a time-sensitive project: speed. Not only will an onsite mobile command trailer provide you with decreased response times for coordinating your job efforts, but the trailer itself can be transported to your location quickly. A mobile command trailer can arrive at your worksite and be fully functional faster than some standard office trailers. The portable, self-contained nature of the mobile command trailer makes it ready to be deployed for immediate “plug-and-play” use in the field.

The trailer also offers additional benefits to elevate your worksite. The mobile command trailer can provide security both for your personnel and equipment. With temperature-controlled environments, the trailer can shield your people from harsh elements like summertime heat. As a temporary storage facility, the trailer can protect your belongings from theft or damage. Additionally, the commanding presence of the mobile command trailer can be a benefit in itself by showing a clear headquarters for staff. Having an easily identifiable place for deliveries can save you a headache in the middle of a chaotic work zone.


Beyond the sheer speed of delivery and setup, the mobile command trailers also come with the advantage of versatility. The units can be used in many ways for a variety of projects. The mobile command trailer is a powerful tool when your traditional workspace is temporarily unusable, including from sudden natural disasters. In the fast-paced environment of an unexpected disaster and the ensuing restoration work needed, the mobile command unit can provide a way to clear the “fog of war.” Beyond its function as a rendezvous point, the mobile command trailer can be used as a data center for information technology specialists, an outpost for a renovation project at a stadium or a collaboration area to direct a government project, among many other uses.


To help illustrate the capabilities of the mobile command trailer, imagine a common scenario. If flood waters were to inundate your manufacturing plant, you could engage Cotton Logistics and request a mobile command trailer. After being dropped off via a semi-trailer and set up for use at your plant, the mobile command trailer becomes a central hub throughout the day. 

The morning starts with worksite leaders collaborating to review progress and goals alongside property owners and other necessary parties. Following this smaller meeting, leaders conduct a safety brief for all staff outside the command center. Staff would know exactly where to report for that brief. Throughout the day, consultants, engineers and subject matter experts consult with the project leaders on progress, and the trailer facilitates such meetings. Leaders also use the trailer to make important decisions via video conferencing calls and the kitchen to refuel with a snack in the afternoon. As the day ends, leaders again come together to the trailer to review progress and rest assured that they know where to report the next day.


The mobile command trailer can provide speed and versatility for your next project or disaster recovery efforts. To elevate and expedite your project, you may need additional facilities to get the job done quickly. Combining the strengths of the mobile command trailer with the other temporary facilities provided by Cotton Logistics can help create synergies for your worksite. The below additional temporary facilities can assist in your next project or disaster needs:

With Cotton Logistics’s full range of temporary facilities, you will receive high-quality structures and a strong level of expertise to help your team maintain order amid chaos. Fill out a form today to reach us, or give us a call at (877) 427-2947.