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About Us News Essential Temporary Facilities and Support Services for Construction Sites

Essential Temporary Facilities and Support Services for Construction Sites


There are many things to consider when planning and executing a construction project. From labor and materials to project timeline and permitting and beyond, there’s no shortcut to adequate preparation. At the top of that list should be the necessary temporary facilities and support services that any construction site depends upon to be successful. 

Whether you’re utilizing a construction partner for your project or handling it in-house, these temporary services and facilities are an essential part of your site layout plans and execution. Without these assets, your site is not only less effective but is also less secure and safe for your crews. Consider these essential temporary facilities and support services for construction sites to ensure your site is safe and productive from the start.

Temporary Office Trailers

Before anything else arrives on site, it is necessary to have your construction site office in place in order to have a central command location for work to begin. This is where your workers might sign in to start their day or be briefed on the day’s projects and goals. All of the important site documents like permits and work orders will be kept here in addition to any high-value inventory that needs to be kept secure. Regardless of the size of your site, it is essential to have a construction site office onsite to effectively organize your project.

Sanitation & Welfare Facilities

Once your crews are onsite performing their daily tasks, it is imperative that you establish areas for them to take care of themselves on the job. The first asset on the list should of course be restroom trailers and handwashing stations to allow your crews to relieve themselves in a timely fashion and maintain good hygiene at all times. Depending on the size of your site, this might also include mobile laundry trailers or shower trailers if you have staff living onsite.


In order to properly equip your site, it is necessary to have a reliable source of electricity. While some locations might have access to the city or regional infrastructure, this is even more important in rural or remote sites without access to these utilities. From powering your mobile office to keeping the lights charged during nighttime work, it is important to consider your electrical needs for any kind of construction site.


From fresh, potable drinking water to water for cleaning or hygiene, there are many reasons why every construction site depends upon a permanent or temporary supply of water. For smaller sites, you may only need a small tank that can be refilled periodically. While larger, long-term construction projects may require the installation of more permanent infrastructure. You’ll also need to consider that different applications will require different water sources. The fresh or gray water you use for cleaning or hygiene facilities, for example, will not be the same water you’ll use for your crews to drink, which will need to be approved potable water

Industrial Catering

Regardless of the size of your site, you’ll need to ensure your crews stay adequately fed throughout their time on the site. While this may be easy on a small project with minimal crew, larger commercial construction projects may require onsite catering services in order to limit time away from the project and guarantee your crews remain focused and energized during their work. 

Dining Facilities

Even if you are unable to provide catering services for your crew, it is just as essential to provide them with reasonable dining spaces and facilities for them to eat their own meals or simply take their required breaks. Whether it’s a covered space outside of the hot sun or an enclosed, heated space to keep them comfortable during winter projects, you’ll need some form of dining facility or break space for your crews to refuel and rest before getting back to work.

Waste Removal

While construction sites are meant to be places where things are created and built, in doing so they naturally create a lot of waste that will need to be disposed of as well. This may include excess materials, broken or damaged items, or even waste created by the crews themselves. Be sure you have a plan in place to both store the waste onsite and remove it from the site to a designated disposal facility nearby.


Depending on the size of your site, you may need various storage units to keep materials, tools, and other important assets safe from the elements and from theft. This is also useful in keeping your site clean and organized, rather than leaving equipment and materials out and cluttering the area. Such options include trailers, connex units, and more depending upon the size of your storage needs.


Last, but certainly not least, on the list is security for your construction site. Many sites will only need a fence and a gate with a lock and key to keep them secure. Some may require an alarm or camera system to monitor overnight activity for potential threats. Larger commercial sites may even necessitate onsite security personnel to oversee them throughout the day and night. No matter how small or large your project may be, ensure you safeguard it from any threat it might encounter through adequate security measures. 

Next time you begin planning for your upcoming construction project, save yourself the time and hassle by partnering with Cotton Logistics for all of your temporary support services and facility needs. Give us a call at 877-427-2947 for a consultation or contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive turnkey solutions for construction sites.