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Essential Components For Successful Workforce Housing & Man Camps


When your company or organization is preparing to break ground on a new remote site project, the first thing that comes to mind is how to keep your project properly staffed. Many times, such as in resource extraction initiatives or large-scale construction projects, the only option is to keep your crews housed on-site in temporary workforce housing or man camps.

While temporary housing may seem as simple as a few rooms with beds, there are many complex factors to consider as you outfit your site. As you begin to plan your next man camp site, consider the following essential components any man camp needs to equip your crews with everything they need to succeed on the job. 

Quality Accommodations

Of course, your crew's lodging quarters are at the top of any list when preparing a man camp. While every man camp is different depending upon location, timeframe, and capacity, every camp requires quality living and sleeping quarters that your crew can feel at home in when they finish a hard day of work. In some camps, this may mean simple bunk trailers for short-term lodging solutions. In other, long-term workforce housing projects, you may require dedicated lodges with private residences for longer occupancy. 

Camp Management

Depending upon the size of your camp, you may require onsite camp management personnel and protocols to ensure your camp is running smoothly and effectively. Whether it’s managing tenant reservations or organizing urgent repairs to critical infrastructure, your site will need some level of management to coordinate all of the moving pieces that keep your site functional during its occupancy.  

Hygiene Facilities

From restrooms to showers, it is essential that your man camp have proper hygiene facilities in order to keep your crews healthy and clean at all times. Whether it’s attached bathrooms within the living quarters or bunkhouse-style shower trailers, you must provide these necessary spaces within any workforce housing site. Additionally, you may need to consider other important amenities such as laundry trailers to provide everything your crews need to stay clean.

Dining Facilities

Of particular concern when outfitting man camps in remote locations is keeping your crews and guests properly fed. While larger operations may require on-site food production and services, such as those provided by a partner like Cotton, even smaller operations with food delivery from offsite will still need to maintain sufficient spaces for your crew to eat and relax. Regardless of which approach is needed for your camp, making dining arrangements for your crew is critical to your camp’s success. 

Entertainment & Leisure

When your crews are living on site, your man camp becomes their home. As such, you’ll need to consider their quality of life just as much as their sleeping & living quarters. This means providing entertainment and leisure options for your crew to enjoy outside of their working hours in order to unwind and refresh themselves after a day of hard work. From community TV’s & movie theaters to game rooms or even outdoor sports courts, their are many options available depending upon the size of your camp.

Support Services

In order to keep your camp clean and stocked, there are also various support services it will need throughout its operation. Regardless of your camp’s size, you’ll need power, water, and waste disposal services to keep your camp replenished and fueled up. For larger camps, this may mean timely housekeeping services to keep spaces clean and tidy day after day. Some camps may even require more sophisticated technology services such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Next time you begin planning for your upcoming remote site or man camp project, save yourself the time and hassle by partnering with Cotton Logistics for all of your workforce housing needs. Give us a call at 877-427-2947 for a consultation or contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive turnkey solutions for man camps and workforce housing sites.