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About Us News Benefits of Turnkey Response to Oil & Hazardous Material Spills

Benefits of Turnkey Response to Oil & Hazardous Material Spills

No matter how well we prepare, hazardous material spill emergencies can happen when we least expect them. Despite our best efforts, spills happen every day and often in the most inopportune places due to tank breakages, pipeline leaks, traffic accidents and even negligent or intentional actions. These spills not only affect business continuity and production, but they can also produce damaging effects on the environment and community at large.

For this reason, it is imperative to plan ahead for the worst-case scenario and develop strategic spill response procedures well in advance of any event. Without designated spill response personnel and technology, you may need to consult with a trusted spill response partner to perform urgent remediation. When preparing your spill emergency response plan, here are a few reasons you should look to a comprehensive turnkey solutions partner to prevent further downtime and keep workers safe.


From crisis management and mitigation to remediation and sanitation, you need a partner with expertise in all facets of oil & hazardous material spill response. Whether it’s cleaning a roadway after a major trucking accident or responding to a pipeline spill in the middle of nowhere, a turnkey response ensures that the cleanup is not only swift but comprehensive. 


Rather than consult with multiple contractors for cleaning, waste removal & transportation and disposal, a turnkey provider is your one call for your entire cleanup project. Once the area has been cleaned and remediated, your partner can securely remove all waste and affected materials from the area and safely transport it to either your facilities or to the proper waste disposal location.


Whether requiring temporary facilities to manage a response in a remote location or responding to a spill that has affected your own facilities, having a partner with temporary support services and facility solutions is incredibly beneficial. From temporary mobile offices to restrooms and utility services, you’ll have everything you need to ensure a smooth and safe response.


Sometimes a spill is so severe that it requires a lengthy response time to properly mitigate. Other times, it affects crew living quarters or tenant spaces. Regardless, securing a turnkey partner with workforce lodging services allows you the flexibility to keep crews productive and prevent further downtime.


One often neglected component of spill response is keeping your workers productive and well-fed. While on the job in remote locations, it may be difficult for them to secure healthy or nourishing meals. Instead, it is very beneficial to have a partner who can not only perform remediation & waste removal but also guarantee the crews are well-fed and energized throughout the project with remote site catering.


Last, but perhaps most important, is partnering with a company that puts safety and compliance management at the forefront of every response. When you work with a turnkey provider, they have complete control over every layer of your response and can ensure safety is top of mind at every step. They should also have experience with relevant regulatory and government bodies to guarantee your environmental cleanup is completely comprehensive and meets all necessary criteria.

Next time you begin developing your emergency spill response plan or find yourself with a hazardous material spill on your hands, save yourself the time and hassle by partnering with Cotton Logistics for all of your spill clean-up needs. Give us a call at 877-427-2947 for a consultation or contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive turnkey solutions for oil & hazardous material spills.