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About Us News 5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Improve Workforce Housing on a Remote Site

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Improve Workforce Housing on a Remote Site


Working on a remote site can be challenging. Employees are away from their families, homes and the comforts of their typical life. However, there are various amenities that businesses can provide to make their workers’ experiences more comfortable, which can lead to higher levels of productivity, lower rates of turnover and a reputation as a great employer. 

Offering these resources is much easier than you may think. Check out our top five ways to boost employee morale, and discover how Cotton Logistics can manage them on your behalf. 

1. Offer Nutritious Remote Site Catering

There’s no better way to show appreciation than with a hot, tasty meal. We’re able to cook up fresh, nutritious dishes your team will love. Our workforce catering crew can develop custom menus for your business based on factors including working conditions, shift schedules, dietary needs and more. 

Plus, our culinary staff strictly adheres to all regulations and client requirements related to health, safety and the environment at each operating site.  

2. Provide Your Employees With Private and Comfortable Lodging

Cotton Logistics believes temporary housing shouldn’t feel temporary. That’s why we help businesses operating at remote sites set up mobile crew camps for employee lodging. Depending on your business’s needs, you can opt for VIP rooms, bunk trailers, Jack n’ Jill-style accommodations and more. 

For added comfort, our workforce housing facilities can include amenities like wireless internet access and flat-screen televisions in each bedroom. 

3. Skip the Porta-Potties, and Opt For Restroom Trailers

While porta-potties are a fine solution for people needing temporary bathrooms, restroom trailers provide an extra level of comfort and privacy for your employees. Additionally, they have the added benefit of being heated or air-conditioned to combat extreme weather conditions on your remote site. 

Cotton Logistics can deliver high-quality temporary restroom trailers to you at a moment’s notice. Our portable facilities are ADA-compliant and will help you meet OSHA restroom requirements for your site.  

4. Offer Housekeeping Services To Ensure Clean Living Spaces

When your employees are busy working hard on your remote site, the Cotton Logistics team can clean their living spaces so they have a relaxing environment to return to each evening. Having neat and tidy accommodations can benefit their mental and physical health and reduce the risk of injury and lost productivity. 

5. Set Up a Comfortable Breakroom for Your Crew  

It’s proven that breaks are beneficial for workers’ mental health. Allow your employees to rest throughout the day in a custom breakroom. Cotton Logistics can supply, configure and install temporary tent structures on your site quickly and expertly so your team has the perfect place to relax. 

Choose Cotton Logistics for All of Your Remote Workforce Housing Needs

At Cotton Logistics, we’re proud to implement a seamless camp management system so everything functions at optimum levels, allowing your workforce to focus solely on their operational responsibilities while you focus on driving business. Contact us today at 877-427-2947 or via our online form to learn more.