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About Us News Use Cotton Assets To Keep Business Flowing After a Hurricane

Use Cotton Assets To Keep Business Flowing After a Hurricane

When a disaster like Hurricane Ida strikes, the worst effects can often reveal themselves after the storm has already passed you by. Even beyond the damaging water and wind, sometimes the most devastating effects are those that affect your business continuity. While walls and windows can be repaired, the revenue lost by any kind of operational pause during and after a storm can prove to be far more insurmountable. 

The longer your business remains out of service, the worse these threats grow. Even if you have made plans for critical repairs to your property following the storm, if you don’t plan for your commercial property’s operational continuity during this phase you may find the storm to be much harder to recover from. If you’re the unfortunate victim of an event like this, safeguard your business’s operations by securing the temporary support services you need so that business doesn’t have to skip a beat.


Temporary Facilities

Mobile Command Trailers
Mobile command centers function as a central office at any temporary site and provide a host of benefits including: decreased response time, flexibility of location, protection from theft and elements, and command presence on site. They can feature a white variety of equipment including computer workstations, conference rooms, laboratories, food storage, communication systems and more.

Temporary Mobile Offices
When your office space is damaged or unavailable, look to our temporary mobile offices for even greater workforce flexibility. These are fully furnished with modern hardware, networking capabilities, and communication systems so that your team can get back to business without delay following any disaster or unplanned event.

Kitchen Trailers
Whether you’re a restaurant or hospitality business whose kitchen has become inaccessible or you’re simply looking to maintain food service for your labor force, Cotton is capable of providing temporary kitchen facilities that can be customized to fit your needs. These include: dining facilities, temporary kitchens, power units, and so much more.

Mobile Crew Camps
Keeping workers feeling right at home after working is essential to maintaining a safe and smooth operation of your temporary site. Our mobile crew camps can provide electrical, Wi-Fi connectivity and more to ensure your workers are ready to perform at their best.

Restroom Trailers
Cotton Logistics delivers high-quality temporary restroom trailers in different sizes that are ideal for any scenario. Cotton’s portable restroom trailers are installed quickly and expertly under the most challenging timelines and in the most extreme environments so that your team doesn’t have to sacrifice their comfort when their main office or workspace is unavailable.


Support Services

Potable Water
Potable water is water that has been tested and been determined safe to drink. Without it, your commercial property not only loses its ability to do business but it also becomes a safety hazard for your crew. Cotton can provide safe, potable drinking water in any quantity for emergency response following a disaster.

Cotton Logistics’ fuel delivery is specifically designed to overcome the challenges that arise in the wake of a natural disaster, power outage, fuel disruption, or other crises. Our team will deliver any type and quantity you require, including: diesel, gasoline, propane, and compressed natural gas.

Without a strong, steady supply of electricity your commercial property cannot function even if it was completely undamaged by the actual disaster. Cotton provides temporary housing power services and temporary portable power support services to deliver all the power you need, wherever you are for anything from small fans and lights to refrigerators and large electronics.

When you need freshwater for more than just drinking, we have you covered. Whether it’s for bathing and cleaning or cooling down heavy machinery, Cotton can deliver any amount of freshwater by tank truck or trailer to your site following a disaster or unplanned event.

If you’re in the restaurant or hospitality business, any downtime for your kitchen is a devastating loss. If you need extra resources to maintain operations in the meantime, or you just need more options to feed your own labor force, our Cotton Culinary teams can rapidly mobilize to your property to help respond after any crisis, keeping your crews or customers satisfied.

Protect your business continuity and CONTACT US TODAY if you’re facing any natural disaster or unplanned event: (877) 427-2947. We are on stand-by 24/7 to respond to you at a moment’s notice!