March 15 2019

West Texas Oilfield Growth Presents Opportunities

Increase in production across the Permian Basin has led to more projects in the region and a higher demand for workforce amenities, specifically housing. Learn how Cotton Logistics’ OneLodge Permian Basin Camps continues to have a clear-cut advantage to keep pace with soaring demand!

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February 13 2019

OneLodge Man Camps Create Community

While some providers simply drop off trailers and call it a man camp, we go above and beyond by creating lodging facilities that work and feel like fully-functioning communities. Click here to learn more.

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January 15 2019

Don't Miss Out on Team-Building Activities in the Field

It’s important to create memorable experiences for your workforce, strengthening their bonds and making time away from home a little more enjoyable. Going above and beyond for sporting events like the upcoming Super Bowl are one way that our OneLodge brand sets itself apart. Click here to learn more.

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October 11 2018

Rental Facilities for Large-Scale Events

If you ever have needed to plan an event or project that needs to be fully sustainable with little or no nearby infrastructure, Cotton Logistics can help solve these problems, expand your reach, and allow your business to launch more initiatives.

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August 21 2018

Increase Your Oilfield Profitability

The best way to ensure your oilfield operations remain profitable in a volatile market is to cut costs. Not cutting costs in the traditional sense of getting smaller, but by getting leaner. A lean operation will not only be more profitable in a strong market, but will be viable when the market swings the other way.

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