January 19 2021

Mobile Support for the Medical Industry

During these difficult times, Cotton Logistics specializes in providing you fully functional mobile facilities. We understand that you may need a separate space for testing, or a section of your institution may be contaminated. That’s where Cotton Logistics comes in. It’s during these difficult times that Cotton Logistics prepares for every day.

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December 9 2020

Case Study: COVID-19 Quarantine Camps

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases grew exponentially throughout the year, many local and state governments found themselves struggling to contain outbreaks. One particular challenge faced by a government municipality in Louisiana involved the preventative practice of social distancing. In order to attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, the municipality encouraged citizens to socially distance, but officials worried that living arrangements might prevent a large portion of the population from doing so. That’s where Cotton Logistics came in.

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November 11 2020

2020 Hurricane Season Update From Cotton Logistics

Committed to meeting all our customers’ unique requirements, Cotton Logistics delivers quality services and solutions. We take pride in the operational and infrastructure support we provide in the aftermath of catastrophic events. With hurricane season coming to a close this month, we wanted to take a look back at the different ways that we were able to help business owners affected by these events.

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October 26 2020

Custom Shower Trailers for Construction and Remote Sites

Cotton Logistics prides itself on delivering the best mobile camp solutions for businesses located on remote sites and under challenging environments. One of our most sought out facilities is the shower trailer because each one offers clean, private stalls, and includes the necessities for a refreshing shower away from home.

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September 24 2020

How Cotton Logistics Fits Into Your Contingency Plan

Your business plays a large role in your community’s economy and the livelihood of your workforce. During a disaster, having a contingency plan that states where you’ll store your product, where you’ll operate and manufacture, or where employees will stay, can save your business.

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August 21 2020

Converting Seawater to Potable Water

Following a wide-spread disaster, such as a hurricane, some of the most important and basic needs of a community become damaged or unattainable. One of those resources is water.

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July 27 2020

Temporary Housing and Dining Facilities for College Campuses

With school starting soon, colleges are strategizing on how to accommodate students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some are considering online courses until the situation settles, others are opening their campus to a small portion of their student population in the fall semester.

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