Brian Carpenter

Brian Carpenter

Brian Carpenter

Vice President of Operations - Environmental

Brian Carpenter, Vice President of Operations - Environmental, joined Cotton Logistics in April 2020 with decades of experience leading emergency response operations and environmental compliance within the oil & gas and energy sectors. As the VP of Cotton Logistics’ Environmental division, Mr. Carpenter ensures that the environmental response teams remain prepared, motivated, and ready to respond to any environmental issue that clients may face.

Raised in Chicago, Mr. Carpenter arrived at the Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1990 as a Coast Guardsman. After nine years of service, Mr. Carpenter entered the oil & gas industry and used his experience to create and implement several policies, procedures, and programs that improved organizations’ environmental and safety performance year after year. Throughout his career, he responded to several major events, such as the Texas City “Y” spill and hazardous incidents caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 

Mr. Carpenter’s familiarity with environmental regulations and risks faced by the oil & gas industry, along with his effective leadership skills, plays an integral role in the evolution of Cotton Logistics’ environmental response capabilities.


  • Registered Environmental Manager (REM)
  • Safety Management Specialist (SMS)
  • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
  • Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO)
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